What Dirt Bike Should I buy?

One of the most common questions I hear when people start getting interested in trail riding is, “What dirt bike should I buy?” read more

Buying A Used Dirt Bike?

Buying a used off-road bike is very similar to buying any used bike. The only real difference is where the wear and tear occurs. Before thinking about anything else, realise that many competition bikes read more

Setting rear suspension sag (Laden Sag)

If you want your bike to handle like it should, then checking and setting up your bikes suspension to ensure its operating at its optimum is crucial read more

Riding Position

Given the majority of your riding will be done in the standing position it is important that your controls are suitably adjusted and your body position is read more

Setting Bike Controls

One of the most important things to consider and check is that your bikes controls are setup correctly. Doing this before a long day in the saddle can make all the difference. Turning an average ride out into an excellent days trail riding read more

Off Road Riding Skills & Tips

The following information has been provided to offer the novice off road trail rider some guidance when it comes to venturing off road for the first time read more

What to wear

Deciding what gear you need when venturing off road for the first time can be a little confusing, given the vast array of products currently available read more

Don’t leave home without it!

So you have the bike, the gear and a route to go test your skills on. Great, but have you thought what if? Whilst out in the middle read more